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Butter cream cake  VS   Shortcake

  • Shortcake with            Heavy Whipping Cream

  •    A basic foam cake made primarily from beaten eggs, sugar, and flour. The frosting base is whipping cream.

  •    If you want a light and fluffy cake with a soft texture, order this cake.

  •    Must be kept refrigerated.

  • Pound cake with

        Butter Cream

  •     It is popularly called American cake.

  •    This cake is commonly served as a wedding cake or party cake. 

  •    The base has more butter, giving this cake its rich flavor and heavier consistency.

  •    Possible to keep at room temperature.

Pick Up & Delivery

Pick up

Reservation only

Sun, Mon, Tuesday : closed
Wednesday - Friday : open
(available pickup : 11am, 2pm, 5pm)

Saturday: open
(available pickup : 11am, 1pm)


  Our delivery fee within the downtown of Seattle is $50.

  For venues outside the Downtown Seattle, the delivery fee is based on mileage from our studio           

  ($2.50/mile+$50, calculated using Google Maps).

501 2nd Ave W. Seattle. WA 98119

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As unique as You are!

Founded in 2015, Yullcake is a couture cake art studio that specializes in creating beautiful, delicious and unique wedding cakes.

We believe that a wedding cake should be an incredibly delicious, unique work of art.


We offer custom designed cakes because your wedding cake should be as unique as you are. 

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